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Athlete Development Specific Groups: KAJ

The Kelowna Aquajets Swim Club has been structured around four basic phases of athlete development in age group swimming. At each level of the program, we continually try to evaluate and adapt to the multitude of factors, both scientific and physiological, that might impact the growth and development of our young athletes.


Phase I: Stroke Development:

Junior Jets

Phase ll:  Introduction to Competitive Swimming:


Phase IIl:  Advanced Age Group Training:

Silver Group

Gold Group

Phase IV: Platinum (National):

Junior/Senior National Group


Competitive Program

 Bronze Program

Swimmers will now move into the first phase of competitive swimming in the age group program. Swimmers who move into this program must be able to swim all four strokes and maintain good technique in low intensity interval work. The emphasis will remain primarily teaching with an equal balance of technique work and skills development.

  • The focus is still centered on teaching fundamentals and developing a strong foundation in all four strokes.


  • The number of practices per week offered at this level increases from 3-4 workouts per week and swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible but no fewer than 2 per week.


  • Athletes begin to do more work weekly with an emphasis on low aerobic conditioning. Fundamental skills that were learned in the first phase of training will be strongly reinforced as swimmers begin to swim farther in practice.


  • The emphasis on an IM based program will be strongly reinforced as swimmers start to participate in longer distance events.


  • We believe in making this program fun and enjoyable through a unique and creative coaching approach.


Family Registration Fee (once per family) $45

SwimBC Insurance Fee ​$82 (8 & under), $102 (9 - 10), $148 (11 - 14)

Monthly Training Fee $109 (Bronze 1), $124 (Bronze)


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Silver, Gold Programs

This phase of training is higher level of age group program and the beginning phase of the senior program. The quantity and intensity of the training program increases in this phase of training. For the first time, the program structure calls for more time devoted to physiological conditioning than to teaching fundamentals.

  • In this phase, the mileage completed each week begins to be an important consideration. We want to take advantage of the pre-pubescent window of opportunity to more fully develop aerobic capacity.


  • Although low intensity aerobic conditioning is still the highest priority, we have athletes begin to do more anaerobic threshold work. It is critical that technique is not compromised as swimmers swim faster in practice a greater percentage of the time.


  • The training program focuses on the middle distance freestyle and middle distance IM.


  • The training program is designed to emphasize and promote long course swimming throughout the year.


  • Swimmers are encouraged to attend all scheduled workouts. Swimmers will be swimming 5 to 7 workouts per week . This group is given the opportunity to swim two-a-day practices during the season.


  • Careful attention is given to maintaining aerobic fitness levels from one season to the next. Breaks between seasons are limited to avoid significant deterioration of aerobic fitness.


  • Dry land training is introduced with the emphasis primarily being on the development of core body conditioning.



Family Registration Fee (once per family) $45

SwimBC Insurance Fee $102 (9 - 10), $148 (11 - 14), $190 (15 - over)

Monthly Training Fee $157 (Silver), $175 (Gold)


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Platinum (National)

Swimmers with the appropriate dedication, desire, and talent move to the advanced training level. This training program is very demanding with a very heavy emphasis on distance based physiological training.


  • Success over the long-term remains a high priority. We believe it is our responsibility to provide an aerobic-based training foundation that will allow our athletes to achieve ultimate success in their college years.


  • Work within various energy systems becomes an important component of the overall training program. Emphasis is still heavily aerobic, but specificity of training for stroke and distance becomes part of the program.


  • While mileage completed is an important consideration, attention to detail and improvement in stroke technique is highly valued. Efficiency and technical precision are key components to success at the elite levels of swimming.


  • Swimmers are still encouraged to compete in a variety of events at this level.


  • The commitment level required at this level in the program is very high with swimmers expected to attend 8-9 workouts per week during the school year and 9-10 workouts in the summer months.


  • Strength training with movement, kettle bells and weight training machines are a standard part of the training program. The flexibility program is a critical part of the program.


Family Registration Fee (once per family) $45

SwimBC Insurance Fee $148 (11 - 14), $190 (15 - over)

Monthly Training Fee $195


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Non-Competitive Program

Junior Jets

Junior Jets is a technique-based program. KAJ coaches and trained staff work with your swimmer on all four competitive strokes and gaining endurance through drills and kicking.

Your swimmer will also be introduced to racing skills such as dives, turns, and streamline. Swimmers leave class feeling like they got a good workout and are part of a team.

Many swimmers use junior jets as a “stepping stone” to the competitive KAJ team. Other swimmers get in shape for summer league or want to continue swimming after summer league ends.

Overview of Junior Jets:

- For ages 6-12

- Taught by trained KAJ coaches

- Classes held twice per week for 45 minutes

- Choose from Monday/Wednesday option or Tuesday/Thursday option

- Build on fun and success of summer league swimming

- Fosters teamwork and sportsmanship


Family Registration Fee (once per family) $45

SwimBC Insurance Fee $40

Monthly Training Fee $78


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If interested in this program please contact Head Coach, Emil Dimitrov



Family Registration Fee (once per family) $45

SwimBC Insurance Fee $40

Monthly Training Fee $92


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